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PLATINUM - first single release from the all new heavy Trap and EDM project BEAT REBEL by Erik Ekholm! PLATINUM is coming to all stores world wide July 30th. Beat Rebel is all the influences of Trap, EDM and Club music merged together by Erik Ekholm & Morbid Fears into one massive bass heavy force. You'll find nothing but the most satisfying drops and speaker busting beats. Be warned!

Beat Rebel (feat. Morbid Fears & Erik Ekholm) - PLATINUM

featuring music by Erik Ekholm

Music and sounds by Erik Ekholm featured in over 500+ TV, games and film productions including: BLADE RUNNER, X-MEN, FACE OFF, THE MEG, TOP GEAR, JUSTICE LEAGUE, SUICIDE SQUAD, PASSENGERS, CASTLE, UFC, GREYS ANATOMY and many more.

Placements 2018

Curated by Erik Ekholm & Morbid Fears, this selection of hot playlists on Spotify are always updated with the best tracks. CYBERPUNK, METAL GAMING, INDUSTRIAL & GOTH - pick your poison and turn up the volume! Check out the playlists!

Hot Spotify Playlists

EDGE RUNNER is a monumental step in the music career of Erik Ekholm, in his new artist alias Morbid Fears. With 14 heavy cyber punk, industrial & metal tracks EDGE RUNNER is making waves in the heavy EDM world. EDGE RUNNER features original art & design by JSArt.

Erik Ekholm & Morbid Fears - Edge Runner

Sound design by Erik Ekholm featured in the trailer of Sony Pictures sci-fi movie PASSENGERS.


FX CORE is a collection of 6 of the most popular sound design, ambiance and cinematic instruments by Erik Ekholm. The collection includes the full versions of Broken Textures, Deviant Atmospheres, Advanced Distortion, Metallic Dreams, Raw Steel and Syklix.


FX Core

CATACLYSM Vol.3 is the third and final in the series. This album features cinematic underscores, dark electronic music beds, powerful orchestral themes and original scores. All music composed by Erik Ekholm. CATACLYSM Vol. 3 is out now on iTunes, Amazon & Spotify.

Sound design cue by Erik Ekholm featured in the DARK KNIGHT RISES advertising campaign.

Dark Knight Rises

Erik is a world class composer, producer, owner & CEO of the music label Brickwall Audio and known professionally as Erik Ekholm, Morbid Fears & Beat Rebel. Raw heavy drums, distorted old analog synths and massive guitars, nothing is left out as Erik delves into the depths of undiscovered music. Running his own music publishing, production and sample library Brickwall Audio, Erik's work is featured in many television and cinematic productions and the sample libraries produced by him are continuously used by professional composers and sound designers in many big budget productions of film and games. Mixing vocals, orchestral arrangements, electronics & guitars with edgy sound design, Erik's music cover a wide spectrum of contemporary styles. For artist or business inquiries drop a DM on

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